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At Ocwen, our mission is to delight our customers through caring service and innovative lending solutions for homeowners and commercial customers.

Our success is grounded on a shared set of values, which guide our behavior and define the way we do business and interact with our customers, communities, investors, stakeholders and each other.



Do What’s Right – Always

Doing what’s right always is the cornerstone of our success. Integrity is core to our business and essential to every service we perform. We take pride in following a comprehensive compliance and risk management system, which includes internal controls and regulatory adherence.

Service Excellence

Service Excellence

Delight Our Customers with Exceptional Service

By embracing a culture of Service Excellence, we strive to delight our customers through caring service and innovative homeownership solutions. The customer is always at the center of what we do each and every day. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering services that are accurate, beneficial, responsive, courteous and efficient.



Develop, Grow and Value Our People

We are a team of globally diverse and innovative people who thrive on collaboration and create value for the Company. The only way we succeed and win together is by supporting, developing and inspiring our people to succeed both personally and professionally. The benefits and the obligations of our achievements are shared by all employees.



Succeed Together as a Global Team

Teamwork is core to our success. Our unique traits, backgrounds and experiences working in concert allow us to blaze new trails and make a difference for our customers. By working as a global team, we have a true perspective driving success in all we do. At Ocwen, we’re not just committed to performing well as individuals, but as a global team, to strengthen the Company as a whole.

Embrace Change

Embrace Change

Value Innovation and New Thinking

We value innovation and look for new ways to improve our jobs and business operations. We understand a successful organization is one that actively pursues continuous process improvements and rewards people for embracing change.


Our core values drive the way we do business, including how we interact with homeowners, investors, communities, stakeholders and each other. Our values are the key to our success. Diversity and inclusion are an integral part of our core values, which are built on a commitment to integrity and ethical behavior.

We respect each team member’s unique character and contributions. Ocwen’s workforce represents varied backgrounds and experiences from throughout the world, a significant strength for Ocwen providing a competitive advantage. Because of our diverse workforce, we gain valuable insights from all levels of the organization that lead to better business solutions and more engaging work for our team members. Solid solutions come from using the talents of every individual.

At Ocwen, we view diversity as a strategic initiative for our business. That is why we are strengthening our diversity and inclusion programs and continue to develop the necessary infrastructure, workplace environment and goals to ensure outstanding performance.

Better Together Diversity

LeadershipEmbrace and foster a culture of inclusion throughout the Company and be held accountable for achieving diversity and inclusion goals and objectives.

WorkforceAttract, develop, retain and advance the best and brightest from all walks of life and backgrounds at all levels of the Company.

Vendor DiversityAchieve a range of suppliers, vendors and service providers who align with our diversity and inclusion strategies.

Community EngagementEnsure that Ocwen has a significant presence in and supports a core group of diverse, community-based organizations and philanthropies.

We will continue work to foster an environment in which every team member has the opportunity to grow and achieve his or her professional goals, with support and encouragement. Through teamwork, professionalism, respect and inclusiveness, we foster an environment in which we can achieve both our Company and individual professional goals.

Inclusion Events

Addison: The Addison site hosted a “Grow Your Executive Presence” workshop the week of June 18 -21, which consisted of a panel discussion with Addison Senior Leaders to discuss the key skill sets that have helped them to propel their career to the executive level. In addition to the panel discussion, OGWN members had an opportunity to meet with the Senior Leaders for a one-on-one discussion to get personalized feedback regarding communication, resume building, business attire, facilitating meetings, presentations and more.

West Palm Beach: “Pamper Her” donation drive to support Women in Distress of Broward County. OGWN raised $925 for the organization and provided 42 gift bags.

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach: OGWN promoted Autism Awareness Fundraiser benefitting the Els Center of Excellence, raising $519 and World Autism Awareness Day Light it Up Blue. OGWN launched a TED Talks Summer Series. During our first session, we welcomed Megan Williams, Manager, Vault as a new co-site leader, learned more about the TED Talks platform. They also watched a talk by Celeste Headlee named 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation. That led to a discussion, of Celeste’s rules for better conversations. A communication exercise was conducted and we and discussed upcoming OGWN activities. OGWN also held a team building event.

West Palm Beach

Fort Washington: OGWN promoted Wear Blue for Autism Awareness on April 2. OGWN held a mindfulness meditation session on May 2. Donations were collected in conjunction with the Engagement Committee to support Laurel House in honor of Mother’s Day. Laurel House’s mission is to “advocate for and empower those impacted by domestic violence by providing crisis intervention, safe haven, supportive programs and resources,” and “advance social change through preventative education and through community training and collaboration to foster a coordinate response to domestic abuse.” Thank you to our generous members for your support and donations.

Fort Washington

St. Croix, USVI: OGWN St. Croix held a Donation Drive during the months of April and June to benefit the Women’s Coalition of St. Croix’s Closet to Closet Store. All proceeds from donated goods sold at the store are utilized to assist the Coalition with providing support services to domestic violence and sexual assault victims as well as community events to promote awareness. Staff members also assisted with the sorting, packaging and delivery of these items to the coalition’s store. Also, some employees volunteered at the store to assist further with the sorting of the donated goods and arranging items on store shelves. The WCSC was very grateful for the contributions and the assistance they received. OGWN helped sponsor the Women’s Coalition of St. Croix 34th Annual Women’s Race. The 2-mile race was held on June 3, is the coalition’s biggest fundraiser for the year and fosters awareness on sexual assault in the territory. Members from the St. Croix OGWN group joined other women of various backgrounds, including domestic violence survivors in support of this great cause.

Glendale, CA: OGWN recently hosted a “Women Helping Women” event. The site collected items including toiletries, shoes, blankets, gift cards and more. They delivered them to the Union Station Homeless Center in Pasadena, CA. Women Helping Women is an opportunity to spread our wings and show kindness to others. On March 8, OGWN site leaders went to visit the Union Station Homeless Center to donate toiletries and gift cards. The team members of the Glendale office could give back to others in less fortunate situations. The Union Station Homeless Center is in Pasadena, CA and provides homeless shelter services, housing and family programs. At Union Station, they help individuals and families identify the causes that led to their homelessness and provide the tools and resources they need to lead productive and stable lives. We were overjoyed to hear how the Union Station Homeless Center helps others rebuild people lives. The idea that they could donate and tour the facility brought a big smile to their faces. Additionally, OGWN held a Light it up Blue event, the site all dressed in blue to bring awareness to autism.

Mumbai: OGWN held a panel discussion titled Preparing Women for Success. It was an interactive session which allowed the Mumbai site to gain insight from our Senior Leaders including Diksha Dutt, Vice President, Customer Care Centre; Ajay Aurora, Vice President, Human Resources; Hemant Choksi, Vice President, Record Services; and Xerxes Cardozo, Vice President, Loan Resolution Processing and Underwriting. The 158 attendees illustrated the event’s success and encouraged the OGWN site leaders to organize many such events in future. The Senior Leadership not only sensitized but shared their thoughts on topics like unconscious bias, networking, mentorship, professional challenges and how to overcome them. We received positive feedback from the attendees, and they are looking to forward to being part of future discussions. Kudos to the panelist, attendees who participated in this discussion and OGWN Site leaders to make this event a Success.


Bangalore: On May 10, OGWN members met with Peter Moenickheim. Peter addressed the gathering followed by a question and answer session. It was a great platform for members to interact. OGWN sponsored an Excel Workshop and members completed the Basic Excel Training Workshop. Training sessions were staggered over a month and over 60 participants from various Business Units, across shifts attended this workshop in batches. On June 20, a Panel discussion on Preparing Women for Success was held. Many senior leaders were part of the panel including SP Ravi, President, India and Manila Operations; Ajay Aurora, Vice President, Human Resources; Diksha Dutt, Vice President, Customer Care Center and OGWN Global Site Leader; Reshma Goyal, Vice President, Investor Services; and Raghavendra Chinhalli, Vice President, Data Management. The event witnessed an overwhelming audience of around 213 participants, including 42 percent of male employees. The senior leaders shared their thoughts on networking, mentorship and unconscious bias. They shared their professional challenges, how they overcame them and addressed audience questions.


Manila: OGWN Manila hosted a Special Education School Donation Activity. In conjunction with the Rock Your Socks for Down Syndrome Awareness (DSA) event, OGWN will donate to students with Down Syndrome and Autism in the P. Villanueva Special Education School. Over 350 pairs of colorful socks were proudly worn by employees in a span of three days last March in support of DSA. Members donated early intervention and Level One materials, equipment and toys recommended for 35 special needs students (ages 5-11) during a morning of fun games and snacks with the kids.


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